Whether designing and installing small networks or an enterprise voice/data/video complex, CNC’s team of certified personnel project the highest level of confidence into every project. We consider our customers “technology partners”; not only by satisfying their current needs, but also by providing them with flexible facility designs that can accommodate the additions, changes and upgrades to new technology.​

Whether you have identified immediate communications needs, or are anticipating future projects, CNC welcomes the opportunity to demonstrate our expertise by providing you with quality solutions, professional installation and maintenance options to afford total peace of mind and low-cost solutions. Please contact us at info@cnetcable.com.


Installation & Support Services

Core Networking and Cable provides expert installation and support services in the following areas:


  • UTP Cat5E and Cat6-Cable and Cable Management Solutions
  • Testing and Certification
  • Fiber optic cable systems, Single & Multimode
  • Baseband and broadband Coax
  • Outside plant for UTP and Fiber
  • Campus Networks
  • Fiber Optic Emergency Restoration
  • Data Centers, Communications Rooms 


  • Design, Installation and Configuration
  • PBX, Key Systems and VoIP
  • Voice Processing Systems
  • Voice Mail
  • Overhead Paging


  • In building Wireless Networks
  • National and International Microwave Networks
  • Narrow-Band Microwave and Spread Spectrum Solutions
  • FCC Licensing
  • Path Surveys
  • Tower Installation and Site Acquisition Services
  • DAS Systems 


Core Networking and Cable