Proper maintenance ensures that your equipment is not destined to become obsolete.  CORE NETWORKING and CABLE performance allows routine on site and off site maintenance without interruption to regular operations allowing continual upgrades and additions as the need for applications change.  With experienced professionals we achieve proper diagnosis and solutions that make your system operate online in real time.

CABLE DAMAGE DIAGNOSTIC. If a damaged link is one that only connects to a single device it is relatively easy to locate and repair. If a backbone link connecting several network segments is damaged, locating and repairing it can be very difficult, specifically if the damage is to a cable buried underground. Core Networking and Cable managers and technicians are trained, certified and experienced in the installation of all network configurations and electronic equipment used in Local Area Network cable systems, Wide Area Networks, and wireless systems incorporating voice, data and video transmissions. 

We can tailor an annual maintenance package to suit your needs to include the following:

  • Technical Assistance
  • Remote & On-Site Maintenance
  • Repair Service
  • ​Cut-Over Support
  • No communications system can be designed for your specific needs without a complete understanding of your expectations and requirements. Our efforts begin with a detailed site inspection and survey. Introducing a new communications system to your work place does not mean replacing all the old equipment before understanding how well it is working.

  • Our Project and Site managers study the existing communications and information systems that are utilized for your day-to-day operations. Equipment in your facility is identified and evaluated not only for its present capabilities, usefulness and operating status, but also for its function for the future of your facilities.

  • ​If it is determined that a new communications platform is required, a CORE NETWORKING and CABLE Project Manager will develop the new system requirements hand in hand with your communications personnel. Generally, a new business communications system cannot be installed overnight. A thorough understanding of your existing equipment and operations ensures that our planning and design have incorporated the best features of your existing infrastructure. This will allow the implementation of a phased installation for your new high quality network and equipment without any hindrance or inconvenience to your ongoing operations.

  • All modifications and installations are directly supervised by a CORE NETWORKING and CABLE Site Manager. The Site Manager is responsible for the installation, testing, upgrades and expansions made during the course of the installation. The Site Manager revises and updates the records to reflect the changes, and is in contact with the Project Manager on a daily basis. The Project Manager is responsible for completing the project on time, on budget, within the schedule and according to specifications. The Project Manager will communicate directly with your Managers and offer current status reports on your systems integration.

  • ​At CORE NETWORKING and CABLE, we have emergency service 24hrs a day, 365 days a year. CORE NETWORKING and CABLE managers and technicians are trained, certified and experienced in the installation of all network configurations and equipment used in Local Area Networks, Wide Area Networks, and wireless systems incorporating voice, VOIP, data and video transmissions.

Professional Services

  • Comprehensive Program Management
  • Management/Scheduling/ Monitoring
  • Computer Aided Design/ Documentation
  • Cable Testing (UTP/Fiber)
  • Facilities Evaluation/Consulting Engineering
  • Systems Engineering & Analysis
  • LAN/WAN/MAN Architecture

Microwave \ Wireless Network

Core Networking and Cable is a full service communications firm headquartered in San Antonio, Texas.  We have a broad range of clients and service them on a local, national and international basis providing them a “hands on” approach to network support issues.  We work with you to to keep your network healthy.

Microwave & Wireless Networks


  • High Capacity throughput Flexibility
  • High Bandwidth, up to 155 mbps
  • Redundancy
  • 10 mbps Ethernet


  • Ideal for low bandwidth requirements
  • Small campus
  • Small office
  • Does not require licensing
  • Inexpensive
  • T-1 interfaces or subtrate interfaces
  • Ethernet interfaces with up to 3 mbps throughput

Additional Services

  • FCC Licensing
  • Tower Installation & Maintenance
  • Site Acquisitions
  • Path Survey
  • Frequency Coordination

Project Management 

Installation of each and every project is carefully scheduled, assigned and efficiently controlled.  We study in-depth, the objective requirements using proven methods of planning, scheduling and tracking.  We manage and minimize the risk ensuring successful implementation and cost effective completion

  • Management Procurement and Installation activities
  • Quality compliance
  • Acceptance and testing
  • Safety compliance

​We set realistic schedules providing you with quality products and services in a partnership tailored to the needs of your organization. Whether you want to develop new systems, improve the accuracy and timeliness of decision making information, or meet the challenge of the competition, our Project Management Team will work side-by-side with you to ensure your success.

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