Fiber Optic Distribution Network

During the past 25 years the use of optical fiber in communications has grown dramatically.  Increasingly, telephone and cable systems are converting from copper wire to fiber optic cable.  Local area Networks, also are using more fiber optics than copper cables.  We provide our customers with valuable information and support for specific technical applications resulting in efficient solutions that keep our customers' networks up and running.

Because fiber optic cable has so many advantages over copper cabling, such as an incomparably greater speed, substantially larger carrying capacity, greater transmission distances, greater resistance to electromagnetic noise such as radios, electric motors, lightning, or other nearby cables, and lower installation and maintenance costs, CORE NETWORKING and CABLE has chosen to focus on use of fiber optic distribution networks in its LAN and WAN installations.  CORE NETWORKING and CABLE works side by side with customers in designing systems to meet their specific needs.

Our cable services include:


  • Fiber Optics Cable System Design \ Multimode & Singlemode   
  • Splicing \ Termination & Testing
  • Inside \ Outside Plant Construction
  • Emergency Restoration

Whether designing and installing small networks or an enterprise voice/data/video complex, CORE NETWORKING and CABLE’s team of certified personnel project the highest level of confidence into every project.

We consider our customer’s technology partners; not only by satisfying their current needs, but also by providing them with flexible facility designs that can accommodate the additions, changes and upgrades to new technology that always occur.

Whether you have identified immediate communications needs, or are anticipating future projects, CORE NETWORKING and CABLE welcomes the opportunity to demonstrate our expertise by providing you with quality solutions, professional installation and maintenance options to afford total peace of mind and low-cost solutions. Please contact us.


Installation & Support Services

Core Networking and Cable provides expert installation and support services in the following areas:

Structured Cable Systems

CORE NETWORKING and CABLE offers the products and services to deliver structured wiring solutions that are flexible and scalable to the needs of the customer. From needs analysis and design to installation, project management, testing, and network documentation, CORE NETWORKING and CABLE provides the services to keep your network in business. For LAN/Campus Frame-Based (Ethernet) Solutions CORE NETWORKING and CABLE provides modular and workgroup solutions for: 

10 Mbps, 100 Mbps, and Gigabit switching at Layers 2, 3 and Application prioritization at Layer 4. We have designed and implemented frame-based solutions for hundreds of clients, including the integration of frame services into high-speed, fault-tolerant backbone technologies such as ATM.

​We specialize in helping customers migrate from shared technologies or first generation switched networks to newer technologies, including strategies such as trunking and port, MAC, and protocol-based VLANS.

CORE NETWORKING and CABLE solutions are modular and scalable in design, allowing you to upgrade your network without compromising your investment. We offer additional configuration services for bridges, routers, and switches, including sub-network design and address filtering. We also address the challenges of migrating to a switched technology environment.

  • In building Wireless Networks
  • National and International Microwave Networks
  • Narrow-Band Microwave and Spread Spectrum Solutions
  • FCC Licensing
  • Path Surveys
  • Tower Installation and Site Acquisition Services
  • DAS Systems 
  • Design, Installation and Configuration
  • PBX, Key Systems and VoIP
  • Voice Processing Systems
  • Voice Mail
  • Overhead Paging
  • UTP Cat5E and Cat6-Cable and Cable Management Solutions
  • Testing and Certification
  • Fiber optic cable systems, Single & Multimode 10Gb
  • Baseband and Broadband Coax
  • Outside plant design/installation for copper and fiber solutions
  • Campus Networks
  • Fiber Optic Emergency Restoration
  • Data Centers, Communications Rooms




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